Bayside Equity Group is Tampa Bay’s premier source for investment properties, with an unmatched team of experts standing by to assist its customers in reaching their real estate investment goals. The company was founded by two seasoned local investors with literally hundreds and hundreds of deals under their belt, who have since strived to source the best deals for their investors, at the most competitive prices, without any of the shenanigans that had made them reluctant to deal with so many of the so called “wholesalers” in the area themselves.

In recent years, real estate has reemerged again to become increasingly popular as a well-regarded vehicle for investing.  With so many people hesitant to put money into less tangible products such as stocks and bonds, real estate has afforded those would be investors with a much safer, more tangible alternative. 

The Tampa Bay Area in particular has been one of the most attractive markets in the country for investors which has made finding suitable properties more and more difficult.  As if it wasn’t difficult enough to navigate the local market, there has been an explosion of “fly by night” companies claiming to have the knowledge and know how to offer up solid deals, when the sad reality is that most of those individuals are nothing more than unlicensed, inexperienced amateurs, fresh out of some seminar on how to “get rich quick” in real estate. 

At Bayside Equity Group, it has always been our mission to bring top notch deals to market, with numbers you can count on, from real investors with ACTUAL track records of successful careers in real estate.

Our team works very closing with a private equity company that is actively buying, renovating, and reselling properties as well as buying and holding properties for cashflow.  This group is spending huge sums of money each and every month to locate the best undervalued, distressed properties, and  they very often have a surplus of projects which affords our team the opportunity to offer those surplus deals to our investors at the best, most sensible prices around! 

Call now to speak with a state licensed member of our team about coming into our office to meet face to face and discuss your investment needs!